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The Personal Financial Planning Course  

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Wall Street, Madison Avenue, and the Credit Companies are stealing your financial future. The Personal Financial Planning Course will give you the knowledge and tools they hoped you 'd never acquire. You'll learn the ins-and-outs of personal financial management saving thousands in financial consulting fees, stop the professional thieves from stealing your financial future, set realistic and attainable financial goals, build a plan guaranteed to get you to your financial goals.

Hello, my name is Tim Cummuta. I am an author, speaker, & financial professional. I have authored numerous articles, books, and manuals over the years, including my latest endeavor, Anyone Can Be Financially Free: The Personal Financial Planning Course.  For the past fifteen years, working in wide arena of financial services including Medicare and Social Security issues, credit problems, retirement planning, estate planning, and succession planning, I have gained a broad well-balanced expertise of the financial issues and difficulties facing Americans today.

As a former Director for a three-time Inc. 500™ financial services company with over 70,000 members, I've learned firsthand what will make or break a personal financial plan. I also spent nine years consulting top companies like Sprint and W.W. Granger overcoming serious and difficult business obstacles. As a Project Manager, I managed numerous multi-million dollar projects from conception to completion which produced a profound understanding of the problems and pitfalls of poor planning.

If you are searching for a life changing financial book, this is it! Anyone Can Be Financially Free: The Personal Financial Planning Course brings you a solid understanding on how to save invest, budget, and plan, all the essential elements of a proper and promising financial future. Nowhere else will you find everything you need to know from basic foundational finances such as budgeting to advanced issues like understanding investing concepts. All of this in simple and clear language so the average individual can actually understand it.  Many Americans lost a total exceeding trillions of dollars over the last 10 years due to a lack of their understanding basic investing concepts and leaving these important decisions to unscrupulous brokers and investment houses in many cases. No longer will you be taken advantage of by these unscrupulous individuals.  Anyone Can Be Financially Free: The Personal Financial Planning Course includes all the charts, forms, and worksheets you will require to design and implement a realistic and workable financial plan in your life today. This is everything you'll need including our proprietary computer spreadsheets that will do all the calculations for you.

Here's what you'll learn in this course:

·        Why you need our Retirement Risk Reduction System™

·        How set up and run a realistic budget

·        The truth about the Social Security system

·        How to determine how much retirement income you’ll need

·        How to set realistic goals



·        What is your risk tolerance and how to manage it

·        How to turn debt into wealth equation

·        How to choose retirement vehicles

·        The power of tax-deferral 

·        Understanding investment and savings vehicles

·        Other income and tax saving ideas

·        Life insurance, a bridge to an estate

·        Long Term Care and the risk of doing nothing

·        How to create a real financial plan that works for you

…and much more

You'll also receive my personal computer spreadsheets software which streamlines and automates all of your budget and investing calculations eliminating time consuming work and most errors. These spreadsheets also allow you to estimate and project savings, budget costs, compare and contrast different plans and much, much more.

This course will save you thousands of dollars and earn you potentially tens of thousands more during your lifetime. Don't waste time with other books that are either too hard to understand, or more typically written for individuals who already have a lot of discretionary money to work with. If you will follow the simple step-by-step processes found in this book, you will get to true financial freedom no matter how much money you start with. Anyone Can Be Financially Free: The Personal Financial Planning Course will help you to understand the reasons why  you will want to eliminate all of your credit and debt along with the fastest way to do just that. This book will become a permanent part of your financial arsenal as an educational and reference tool well into the future.









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